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Sugar Creek Pty Ltd, t/a Quality Sales & Services (QSS) was formed in 2006. It was established to provide products and services in the field of sterilization and disinfection equipment for the health services industry. The main specialization of the Company was manufacturing, rebuilding and servicing of sterilizing equipment (autoclaves) to the industry. The sterilizers are used for infection control purposes in the sterilization of hospital equipment and linen.


The Company grew at a tremendous pace since 2006 and is currently the largest producer of Autoclaves in South Africa.  The client base currently consists of more than 300 hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and clinics.  During 2009 the Company moved into the field of manufacturing and rented a factory in Samcor Park, Pretoria and in 2013 expanded with a second and third factory.  Quality Sales and Services under the QSS trademark has manufactured and produced over 250 Autoclaves for the African market. During 2016 the Company also moved into the fields of air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation, boilers and steam, stainless steel manufacturing, instrument washers, bed pan washers and the supply of consumables  as well as the provision and supply of spare parts and equipment. The service division has also grown with a tremendous pace and the Company opened branches in KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga.  The company is the only ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturer of Autoclaves in South Africa and in 2017 we received IIW SANS ISO 3834 PART 2 AND SAIW SANS 347:2012 APPENDIX C Accreditation. Since January 2017 the company is now 60% Black owned and we are also a LEVEL 2 BBBEE company.


“To become one of the most reputable manufacturing, repair and service companies in Africa for healthcare and infection control equipment”


“Our mission is to manufacture, supply and maintain world class equipment to the healthcare and infection control industries in Africa and beyond and in the process also creating jobs for many more people in South Africa”

 The company’s major achievements 

  • Broad Based BEE level 2,

  • Currently the largest manufacture of autoclaves in SA

  • ISO 9001: 2008 Accredited (the only one in the industry)

  • ISO 3834 Part 2 Accredited (SAIW)

  • Created 30 full time jobs

  • Up to 75% of water is saved per cycle. On our new design autoclaves We are also saving electricity with various design changes

 Executive Directors 

The Company was established by Colin Duncan and his then partner. Between the two of them they had over 45yrs of working experience in the manufacturing and servicing of sterilization equipment. Having been employed as factory manager and operations manager respectively.
As an operations manager, Colin Duncan has an in depth knowledge of Electro Mechanical Control Panels for single and double door sterilizers, T1 control panels, PAC’s 50, 2000 & 3000 programming to name but a few. He was also responsible for managing, planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling raw materials and the whole production process.
As for the 01 February 2017, the Executive Directors have changed. Making QSS (Pty) Ltd the first and ONLY majority black owned Autoclaves Manufacturing Company in South Africa

The two new Directors have brought in a new set of skills in that they both have extensive Executive experience of managing listed Companies and also in the public sector. They also bring public and corporate networks needed to scale the business.

Mr Khenisa is an advocate by training however he has a deeper understating of the health sector, having started his career as a professional nurse and also having been a chairperson and board member in a number of Gauteng Provincial Hospitals.
Ms Lelaka on the other hand in an accountant with extensive  executive management experience in both private and public sectors specialising in internal audit, enterprise risk management,  general management and business development.

 Company Structure 

In our ranks we have more than 150 years combined experience in the field of manufacturing and infection control. Our technical director Colin Duncan has 27 years’ experience in the field of sterilizers and infection control. Quality Sales and Services employs various experienced contractors and staff in the fields of manufacturing, service and repair.new structure new

  New product offering 

Since inception, the company operated as a product company focusing on a single revenue line and has built a reliable name and experience and is ready to expand.
The company now has three departments, which in our view is an aggregator to enhance the value chain and act as a one stop shop.

The following new divisions with new products have been developed and implemented. We have expanded our company to include the fields of air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation, boilers and steam, stainless steel manufacturing, instrument washers, bed pan washers and the supply of consumables

 QSS Manufacturing 

The division focuses on the actual manufacturing of

  • Autoclaves.

  • Instrument washers.

  • Boilers.

  • Calorifiers

  • Stainless steel solutions.

  • Other equipment.

This division remains the flagship of the company

 QSS Enterprise 

The division focuses on supplying:

  • Consumables.

  • Furniture accessories e.g. bed cabins, trolleys, trays, food warmer trolleys, stainless steel shelving and hospital beds.

  • Bed pan washers

  • Air-conditioners

  • Chillers plants

  • Package units

  • Cold rooms

  • Industrial freezers

  • Kitchen equipment

  • Laundry equipment

  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems

 QSS mechanical 

This division focuses on all mechanical work related to the healthcare and infection control operations such as:

  • Installation of new equipment

  • Repair of equipment

  • Maintenance and servicing of equipment

  • Autoclaves

  • Chillers

  • Air-conditioners

  • Package units

  • Cold rooms

  • Kitchen equipment

  • Laundry equipment.

  • Instrument washers

  • Bed pan washers

  • Boilers

  • Calorifiers

 Our clients include 

Life Health Group

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Mpumalanga Province

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Limpopo Province

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Gauteng Province

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KwaZulu natal Province

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North West Province

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