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We have the following models available:

  • QSS-40

  • QSS-80

  • QSS-135

  • QSS-160

  • QSS-200

  • QSS-280

  • QSS-400

  • QSS-600

  • QSS-740

  • QSS-1200

  • QSS-2400

  • QSS-3200


Control System: The sterilizer is fitted with a microprocessor-based (Industrial type non propriety control system, which is provided with an automatic controlling of the sterilizing process through pre-set sterilization programs).  The control system consists of concrete modules, which can be changed without having to replace the complete controller.  These modules can be unplugged from the unit without requiring wiring to external devices to be disconnected.

Central Processing Unit (CPU): This module is incorporate with a man-machine interface (MMI) with a display and function keys which will enable a service technician to perform functions on the control system without having to be at the front operator control panel.

Operator Display: A5.7” Delta Colour touch screen is displaying the values that an operator wants to see to operate the sterilizer.  All characters is easy readable from a distance of 1, 5 meters and with a minimum external illumination of 200lx.

The following is displayed on the display:

  • Chamber Absolute Pressure

  • Chamber Temperature

  • Jacket Temperature

  • Boiler Pressure

  • Selected Cycle

  • Cycle Stage

  • Door Status

  • Alarm Conditions

  • Time and Date

  • Operator Prompts and Instructions

  • Stabilizing.   Switching off the vacuum system and allowing the chamber temperature and pressure to stabilize for 5 minutes.

  • Leak test.  Monitoring the chamber pressure over a 10 minute period.

  • Vacuum break.  Admission of filtered air to atmospheric pressure.

Digital Input Module:  This module connects to the external digital inputs (limit switches, pushbuttons, level switches etc.) to the controller.  LED’s is indicating the status of each input.  Inputs are opto-isolated to 3000V-rms.

Digital Output Module: This module is connecting the external devices (valves, pumps, elements, motors, etc.) LED’s is indicating the status of each output.  Outputs are opto-isolated to 3000V-rms.

Sterilizing Cycles:

  • 134 °C Packs/Instruments cycle

  • 121 °C Rubber Goods/ Glassware cycle

  • 121 °C Fluids Cycle

  • 134 °C Flash Cycle

  • 134 °C Bowi Dick Test Cycle

  • Vacuum drop test cycle



Testing: The following tests will be carried out on site after installation and commissioning:

  • Bowie & Dick test using the Browne TST test pack.

  • Vacuum leak test.  The rate of pressure rise during the leak test stage will be less than 1.3 kPa over the 10-minute test period.

Vacuum:  A vacuum is produced by a water ejector and pump which is capable of producing and maintaining a reduced pressure of -80kPa at sea level.

Water Tank: A water tank is fitted together with a Booster pump that will supply water to the Boiler and the Ejector.  A water level switch is fitted to monitor the water level in the tank.  The water level switch will switch the pump off when the water level reaches low water to protect the pump. A water feed tank with ball valve and overflow outlet, pipe to drain is incorporated.  The waste water from the ejector is recycled.  The water temperature in the tank is controlled automatically @± 40 °C to avoid loss of efficiency.

Safety Valves: All safety Valves are of the bronze safety valve, vertical, direct spring loaded, The Spring and the seat is of stainless steel, which is side screwed discharged.  The safety valve is directly connected to Vacuum break.  Admission of filtered air to atmospheric pressure.


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We supply and maintain Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems for more information please contact us

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vertical autoclaves







We manufacture and maintain Vertical Autoclaves we have two models :

Sterilization in a laboratory environment has its unique requirements. Choosing the right steam sterilizer depends on several considerations: load diversity, frequency of use, available services and load volumes. The QSS-V Series of vertical sterilizers for life sciences successfully meets the challenges posed today in laboratories, pharmaceutical and research institutes. For more information about our QSS-V Series autoclaves or for the servicing or repair of your current autoclaves please contact us.

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We manufacture and maintain table top autoclaves we have 3 models available:
• QSS-TT16
• QSS-TT24

Today, there is a growing demand for more sophisticated sterilization technologies in Dental care, Mobile Clinics, Community Health Centres and Outpatient clinics which have increased significantly in recent years, perform highly skilled invasive procedures on their own premises. Operating theaters commonly use onsite tabletop sterilizers. They all rely on advanced sterilization technology. In addition, the increasing tendency towards modular space design in the clinics makes the QSS-TT Series tabletop autoclaves the perfect solution.

As this is a sterilization solution perfect for institutions that don’t have enough space for floor standing  or even vertical autoclaves the QSS-TT Series of tabletop autoclaves can be programed to the client’s specifications and has a drying function incorporated to ensure the disinfection and decontamination process. For more information about the QSS-TT Series or for any servicing or repair queries about your Current autoclave please contact us.

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A rebuild is done on any autoclave no matter what brand or type. The rebuilding of a autoclave is done when a existing autoclave is not functioning anymore due to its control system being out dated or when the existing control system cannot be repaired. The breakdown of what the rebuilding of a autoclave means: we replace the control system with a new PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), Pressure transducer, Temperature Probes, Temperature Transmitters and HMI(Human Machine Interface).this can be done to the requirements of the client.

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instrument washer







We manufacture, service and repair  instrument washers we have two models :
•QSS-IW1  (single door)
•QSS-IW2 (double door)

Our QSS-IW Series instrument washers are specifically developed for wards, outpatient clinics, surgical departments and central sterile supply departments. These washer-disinfectors process all kinds of reusables – from complicated instruments to ward utensils. Most kinds of tubular instruments can be cleaned, disinfected and dried. To get more info on our QSS-IW Series instrument washers or for maintenance on your current washer please contact us.

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bedpan washer1







We supply , service and repair bed pan washers
A bed pan washer  ensures efficient and cost-effective cleaning and disinfection of human waste containers for hospitals and nursing homes, operating reliably and  efficiently in sluice rooms around the world.

For more information regarding the models we supply and maintain or for servicing or repair of your current bed pan washers please contact us.

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